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it's not only time

7 February 1960
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GloriamastergloryMy Boys
I have a partner and a son, they are my everything.

Living in my beloved Rome, working in a public office, I don't like so much the job itself but I like my collegues, I hope they like me too:P

Never without my cigarettes (but I'll try to quit I swear), quite an instinctive and passional woman.

I adore good food, my friends, to laugh and smile, straightforward people and generally to enjoy life.

I hate with all myself hypocrisy, stinginess and every passive-aggressive people on the earth.
Why this nickname...because when I've created this journal I was a huge Star Wars fan, frankly speaking I was a SW fan since the first movie in 1977...and then that absolute genious who is George Lucas has made the prequels, what can I say it was love at first sight once again;)

Still I'm in awe of the amazing dinamics between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan_Kenobi.

Then it cames my passion for Qaf Usa, it was for real like a bolt of lightening in my life, and after six years...still adoring it:)
About friendship, feel free to friend me if you like, outside blank journal and Brian/Michael shippers I have no problem to friend people:)
Brian. Justin. Brian AND Justin.

Because even if I love so much a lot of other characters from Qaf, I always felt that...it's all about Them. About Love, therefore about Them♥

You can agree or not, just be aware that I'm a big anti-mikey person, so if you want to join my journal....don't complain about it.
I can't help it, and even if I could still it'd be the same *grin*, I mean after all he's only a fictional character, I can dislike him how much I want, it's not like he could send me some killer...I guess, lol.

If you like in this journal you can find a lot of graphic works of mine,(two examples of them immediatly below this bio) practically almost of them about my fav couple, Brian and Justin.. anyway WELCOME♥
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D'you wanna to see more of my works? Go to read Mia, edom56 fanfictions, all of them are amazingly funny moving and hot, so well written and full of pure passion, in two words, the best:).

Plus everyone of them has a banner of mine...*grin*

And this is a beautiful gift made for my Bday from my talented Zen-Viv, foreverbm :


These are my fav sites and comm

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket<Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhotobucket

And this is an amazing search engine, thanks to my fav comm getithere :)

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A huge thanks to paddies to have created the amazing Qaf-Mood-themes, and to misread_ + ilovemybaby for the chance to upload them:)

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